This is what we do. Whatever the reason, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. It's time for a new way to run the marketing operations of your business. Keep up with this ever changing industry and become more tech-savvy, efficient, strategic and results-driven when it comes to marketing your business. We start with the big picture, creating a strategy to ensure that all of your promotional efforts are closely integrated. If your marketing efforts aren't working together, they're doing more harm than good. Contact us today for a free business analysis.

    There are three primary ways you can promote your organization online; search engines, social media, and websites/apps. Leverage technologies like retargeting and geofencing to target the right audience and increase sales.
    91% of people read customer reviews to determine the quality of a local business and its products or services. Remind customers to leave reviews, and professionally respond to those reviews. Get those 4 or 5-star ratings and establish trust and credibility.
    People expect local businesses to share interesting and accurate content while providing extraordinary service. Give them the ultimate experience with videos, blogs, text messages, and more to go above and beyond their expectations.
    Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%. This is one among many reasons why it's important to have a consistent brand colour palette. Demand attention from your audience with a professional design and appearance on all your marketing pieces.
    Minibillboards are affordable, fade resistant and make a huge impact. They can serve as excellent reminders about your product, service or event. Not everyone is online, take advantage of this traditional form of effective advertising. *Service only available in certain areas, please contact your manager for details.
  • Social
    People follow their favorite companies on social media to discover entertaining content, give feedback, or get a first look at new products/services. Keeping your followers engaged will grow your audience and build brand loyalty.
  • SEO
    More than 50% of people planning to buy a product/service use general search terms to find a local business that sells that product/service. Rank higher than competitors for a variety of keywords to increase your chances that people choose your organization.
  • Aerial Photography
    KADER Media provides hi-resolution aerial drone photography and video to enhance marketing portfolios. We tackle the most simple and complex projects with the latest technology and safety in mind. Fully insured and qualified for flight! *Service only available in certain areas, please contact your manager for details.
    81% of people say their #1 source of local business information is found from a search engine or online business directory listing. Establish accurate listings on numerous, quality listing sites and optimize your chance of getting found online.
    Consumers expect websites to be mobile-optimized, fast, and informative. Build a search engine and mobile-friendly website that provides instant access to your phone number, address, hours of operation, social media pages and other pertinent information.
    Does your business require fair, general online management services? Not only do we manage websites, social media, reputation and listings but also have the talent to manage other projects, listings or directories as well.
  • Promotional Materials
    A wide range of products including vinyl banners, banner stands/displays, table covers, window/wall posters, vinyl decals, business signage, yard signs, foam boards and much more. We will design and order product with your branding all in one place!

"Because it is its purpose to create a customer, any business enterprise has two - and only these two - basic functions: marketing and innovation." ~ Peter Drucker